It’s been quite an exciting 2019 so far. In addition to already completing my New Year’s Resolution (“become the perfect person”) I have a few exciting announcements:

  • I’m a Second Round Qualifier in Screencraft’s 2018 Fall Film Fund! I submitted my short film, "Good Game!, in the hopes that we can produce it this spring when the weather warms up! Good Game! is a comedic short film about a recreational softball team’s first ever win. Hell yeah!

  • I’m also incredibly excited to share that I’m a panelist at the 2019 Montclair Literary Festival in March. I’ll be sharing more info about where and when to see me, but for now I’ll tell you that I’ll be discussing comedy and publishing and my dear child, How To Success!

  • Astronaut Training is now happening on the first Saturday of every month! January’s show was a huge success! We had a packed house and so much fun! I’ll be sending the winners, Will Martinez and Sara Camnasio, to Mars later this month if funding comes through ;) If you’re available, our February show is Saturday, February 2nd at 6:30pm. Tickets are available here.

  • I’m currently writing a one-act play for Hot Metal Arts Co., a theater company that hosts a night of one-acts called, Blackbox Playlist. Blackbox Playlist is, in short, an anonymous theater project where 8 different playwrights will write 8 different short scripts based on a song selected from a playlist curated by the host of the evening. The actors who will be performing my play won’t know who their scene partner is until that night (that’s when I find out who they are too!) The song I was assigned is also a SECRET, but I’ll tell you that the playlist is a bunch of one-hit wonders. This show is Friday, February 1st at 7:30 at the PIT.

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’ll update this more now that I’m perfect.